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Calibration tool for calibing the transformation between the glass_screen and fisheye-camera
the useful function sa following:
the useful function as following:
Firstly, calib the tracking cameras: fisheye camera by using the cpp file: calib_fisheye_cam.cpp
Then, use HMDCLAIB::HmdCalibrator hmdcalibrator to calib:
Then, use HMDCLAIB::HmdCalibrator hmdcalibrator to calib, you can refer the test/perform_Interaction_calib.cpp :
1. iteractive cilick the screen display and get get fisheye uv, by using the function : hmdcalibrator.GetCaibCorrespondence()
2. perform calib to get trasform form tracking camera, by using the function :hmdcalibrator.PerformCalib(),it needs the info of tracking cameras
For Test:
put the calib data into test_XR2_calib.cpp
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